Polaris foamy for water or Slide on Ground

The Polaris foamy designed by jetset44
The origin was the legendary Northstar by Laddie Mikalasko
However, back in the summer of 2008 jetset44 transformed
it into a Foamy with the folowing specs:
Wing area: 343 sq in
Span: 29.0"
Length: 38.4"
Weight RTF: 20 oz
Wing loading: 8.4 oz/sq ft
Free plans are here
and complete building and equipment alternatives as well.
an lots of proof of flight video throughout the extensive thread.

Also as of Sept 2020 ...
a 133 scaleup and
38.5 inch span

Back story:
Back in 2008 I was living in Washington state
as does jetset44, who is in Seattle.
I had started a small CNC cutting business, at that time
known as Northwest Cutting Service

Consequently I figured that producing the Polaris was a natural
So, I asked if I could do the kit cutting for this latest design.
Unfortunately the rights had already been granted to Model Aero
who provided kits for the last 11 yrs.

Then, in July 2019, Model Aero bowed out of the kit business.
So, again I asked for the OK to make kits
of the Polaris foamy design
and Permission was granted in mid July 2019.

11 yrs later, I am located in central Indiana, near the grand kids.
However, I intend to keep the Polaris torch alive
by offering CNC cut Foamy Kits to modelers
who don't have time to cut all their own parts.

I have made certain modifications to the design
by adding Slots & Tabs to the Fuse and Tail
REF: current plan here
in an effort to make simplify alignment and assembly.

Due to the withdrawl of Depron from the Foamy market,
I will be using MPF, Model Plane Foam.
MPF is a USA made product of similar quality in 48x24 format.

My plan is the cut these kits from two full 48x24" sheets of MPF
and ship any unused sheeting with each kit,
to be used for replacement or repairs if necessary.
1/16" Ply horns willalso be included with each kit.

29" span Polaris $25 + S&H

38.5" span Polaris XL $46 + S&H

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