An exciting design from France.
Features a fully Bendable Body with 7" prop capablity
This cutting is from 2 ea FULL 39 x 27 x 3mm sheets of depron
The original was built by hand but the parts were developed in 3D CAD
A certian degree of skiil wil be required to build this offering.
Proof of flight is here

Build thread.

Free plans here for reference or loners.
$35 + shipping

This is an UPSIZED version of the original
It is 80" long and uses 3 full sheets of 24" x 48" x 1/4" MPF
and 2 full 39"x27" sheets of 3mm depron
It has not yet been cut, built or tested
However, the Smaller version HAS been flown
If you are in a hurry for something different then this is for you.
A bit of experience and an innovative spark will be required here
$70 + shipping

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