The Twins, by Foam&tape
6 ea full sheets of MPFn cut and shipped
The Twins thread starts here


The Twins 43 inch span 3mm sheet
in WHITE depron - the 75% version $40


The Twins 43 inch span 6mm sheet
in MPF - the 75% version $42


The Original Twins but cut at 50% or 28" span
I take the original cutting files and place them
on a single full sheet of 3mm Depron and cut them all
on that single 3mm sheet with a 1/2 sized Router bit.
No changes from the 57 span version as I use the SAME FILES.
It works perfect for this size reduction by using
half sized Material and Cutter.
The Twins thread starts here


The Twins Tri-Kopter Fuse - 4 ea 6mm sheet
of MPF - the 97% version $53



Vertical Takeoff Quad Rotor
deisgned by Peter Sripol, AKA FoamandTape of RCgroups fame.
All foam parts are cut from made in USA MPF foam.
I received permission to cut these after doing the plans in CAD
Foam Parts from 2 full sheets of 2'x4' MPF.
This is a highly techinical model and requires skill to complete
However, Slot and Tab parts insure good alignment
Much more info in RCGroups in this thread
Free plans are here
Inspiring Vid here
and here


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