GPW has allowed me to offer his Universal Fuselage design.
In the Uf-sb fsw thread on RCGroups
the fuse design surfaced during discussion and it piqued my interest.
It's a design that has good looks and easy-to-build tabs and slots
The wing location and canopy are up to the builder.
After a bit of fumbling around we settled on these sizes,
Free Plans and build details in the thread
Each offering is a FULL sized sheet of MPF.
The 26" and 31" size are actually Two fuselages,
while the larger 37" version is a single set.
Thay are all the same price. $18 + shipping

TWO Fuse sets

TWO Fuse sets


Designs by GPW

GPW came up with this design over 10 yrs ago
He shared it on RCGroups back then
The withdrawl of Slowfly/Hippo and
recent interest has prompted me to get invloved
as I have always liked the Horten Wings
I've modified GPW's design slightly by scaling it to
use more of the foam. It's now 47" span.
I CNC cut 1 ea Full sheet full of MPF for the parts
It's only $19 + shipping. Foam Only


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