Bob Neitzke on Left, Gerry Esslinger Right - Photo by Dianne Esslinger
This is a 50" span 3D Sbach Profile created by limmacslim of the UK
I asked limmacslim if I could CNC cut this design and then promptly
SCALED IT UP to ~ 50" span.
My neighbor has an ADDICTION X and wanted something about that size
to get comfortable with ... before getting serious with his Addiction.
Using 2 FULL sheets MPF, some serious 6mm sq CF for a VERY STIFF Spar
and a Motor Mount borrowed from the "Hammer" , we came up with this plane.
The basic kit will in include Ply Horns and Ply Motor Mount
My neighbor is encouraging me to offer an accessories package
That will include Hinge tape, LG, Wheels, ESC, Motor and Prop
I'll add that as equipment becomes available.

Current Included parts list:
  • MPF foam parts
  • 6mm sq CF tubing for the Spar

  • A vid and plans are available here


    New Smaller Version 34" span

    This is the newer 34" span version
    I have simply taken the original
    and scaled it by .67 so the Larger version
    slots and tabs will work at the new size
    I use a whole sheet of 6mm MPF
    Shipped as two 1/2 sheets plus Laser cut ply horns
    A pdf and build info is liste in the thread
    referenced above

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